Winemaking at Apolloni

Our team at Apolloni Vineyards is committed to producing the highest quality of wines, reflecting our location and style, and combining the best of old and new world winemaking tradition. Our Pinot Noir is classic Oregon – always elegant and subtle, with notes of blackberry and dark fruit from our Northern Willamette Valley location. While our wines uniquely express themselves from vintage to vintage, our commitment to style and tradition in winemaking remain constant. Our sustainably farmed fruit is hand picked and sorted in small lots and then fermented and aged in French Oak barrels. With a combination of new to more neutral barrels, we can achieve the delicate balance to coax a heightened expression of the fruit. The addition of our 400 + barrel wine cave in 2013 allows us to age the wine gracefully for an average of 14 months in a year-round climate controlled environment. We typically release our wines two years after harvest, so as to be enjoyed when they are well integrated, while allowing for the wines to be held for aging.

Our white wine varietals showcase our unique growing region and cooler climate. We chose to plant Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay because of their suitability to the Willamette Valley and ability to produce dry, yet expressive wines. Typically, these are fermented exclusively in stainless steel, without malolactic fermentation. This methodology is a direct reflection of Alfredo’s Northern Italian winemaking tradition and the wine he grew up producing with his family. The wines are dry, fruity, crisp, and clean. They embrace the unique flavor of Oregon’s grapes and bring it to the table.

Alfredo’s Italian roots are further showcased in our limited production warm red wines, sourcing fruit from neighboring Washington. Alfredo loves big red and because of our northwest location, we are able to source Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to produce wines true to Italian style but grown locally.

In 2012, we embarked on a new project in winemaking in honor of Laurine Apolloni. Her L label was created to offer aromatic white wines, both fuller in body and expression. Each of these wines are small production and feature a distinctive take on a varietal or blend, including Pinot Gris partially aged in Acacia barrels, a dry Muscat (grapes from our neighbors), a white blend suitably named “Fete Blanc” and an elegant Blanc de Noirs.

If you stop by our winery, you are also sure to encounter some limited production wines we are trying on for size. This might be our Sparkling Pinot Blanc or Rosé – Charmat method and hand bottled, a dry Viognier or dessert Muscat. We only make these when we feel the fruit merits the production. It gives us the chance to continue to challenge ourselves and to learn from the fruit grown the Willamette Valley.