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Our philosophy of careful attention to detail and the quality of the fruit in our wine is born in the vineyard. Careful selection of site, soils, elevation, and exposure combined with the individual attention only possible in small estate vineyard enable the production of our outstanding wines.

Our unique site in the Northern Willamette Valley provides what can be the ideal climate for outstanding Pinot Noir. The extended growing season and gentle ripening contribute to the characteristics quality and complexity of our wines. Located on southerly facing hillsides ranging from 350’ to 500’ of elevation, our vineyards are planted predominantly in the Dijon clonal vavieties from France, all on disease-resistant root stocks.  The small berries from these vines contribute to the superior flavor extraction in our wines.  The 20 acres of Pinot Noir vineyards reside in three vineyards, named in honor of the Apolloni children. The Southeasterly facing Olivia Vineyard, planted with Dijon clones 113, 114, and 115, produces subtle and floral flavors while the Southwesterly facing FilippoVineyard, planted with Dijon clones 113, 114, 115, and Pommard,  produces larger more intense flavors.  Our youngest vineyard, Flaminia, is Southerly facing and has Dijon clones 667 and 777, clones known for their fascinating complexity, textures, and aromatics.  

The Pinot gris in our vineyard is on grafted vines and flourishes in the most Western portion of the Filippo vineyard.  Pinot blanc and additional Pinot gris is more recently planted in the top section of the Flaminia vineyard.  The long hours of afternoon sunshine in this location ripen the fruit to perfection.

Great attention in the vineyard from careful cropping of the fruit which never exceeds 1.5 tons to the acre to the hand removal of leaves from the vines to provide each cluster of grapes the ideal amount of sunlight are all part of our passion to produce the finest wine. The attention to vineyard management extends below the soil; you will never see treated wood posts in our vineyard trellises and we follow the guidelines of the Oregon LIVE sustainable viticulture program and Salmon Safe programs. Although we are not an organic vineyard, organic materials are used whenever possible; if and when any chemicals are used, they are very carefully selected and applied.

The pure sunlight, air, soil and rain combine to produce the flavors unique to our vineyards and wines.

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