Apolloni Sustainability

We are proud to produce LIVE Certified wines, which are sustainably farmed, in partnership with the LIVE and Salmon Safe programs.


Our Vineyard

  • Maintenance of local biodiversity in the vineyard to cultivate beneficial native species including plants and insects
  • The setting aside of untouched land/ fallow acreage on our property to foster natural habitat for animals, insects and native species.
  • Grafted vines on certified disease resistant rootstock
  • Minimal chemical use, only from approved LIVE list
  • Soil augmentation based on soil and tissue analysis
  • Mulch plant materials back into vineyard
  • Mechanical cultivation including use of in-row cultivator
  • Compost grape materials post fermentation
  • Year-round employment for vineyard staff

Our Winery and Winemaking Practices

  • Electric forklifts
  • Geothermal barrel cave utilizing natural underground heating and cooling
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Sustainability plan, which includes optimal use goals measured through tracking consumption of water and energy resources.
  • Recycling program including everything from glass to office paper, case boxes to pallet wrap
  • Unbleached and pulp shipping materials
  • Production wastewater management – production space drain water used for irrigation in accordance with DEQ
  • Keg wine program, providing wine to restaurant and retailers in refillable kegs. One 5.16 gal keg = 25 bottles of wine
  • Creating a working environment which supports local, year-round employment for winery and vineyard staff
  • Partnerships with local vendors, suppliers and artisans; including procurement of winemaking materials and products for sale in tasting room and for events.